Two Week Check-in

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Sun, 01/14/2024 - 23:01

Two weeks into my New Year's resolution to get my head around Jazz bop drumming. The hi-hat on the two and four is happening. I had to raise it up about 3-4 cm higher than usual to make it sound good.

A thing I noticed today is it is a lot easier practicing Jazz drumming alone than Punk, Shoegaze, or Psych drumming. It might be because it is new for me. It might be the swing thing is easier to play for a longer time.

Triplets are slowly starting to happen. I am rushing them but that is correctable for sure. When I do get a loop going, it's really satisfying. I've also been filling in a calendar I got at the ¥100 store with what I practiced. If I miss a day, it's no problem but having to write in "got nothing done" on a day is a kick to get something done tomorrow for sure.

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