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Thu, 03/21/2024 - 09:41

When I listen to an album, I like to post it on the blog. It's useful for me to have a database of stuff I have listened to at random times.

The slog is getting them into the site so I thought I'd make an Apple Shortcut. After some struggling, the closest I can get so far is to have shortcuts Shazam the current song. The shortcut then opens the album up on Safari in one tab and an empty blog page in another tab. From there I can copy/paste the album's info into the blog post.

It's clunky-level which is one above from slog-level1.

1 Since this is a Drupal site, I should see if I can get the current song into a spreadsheet and import it.

Today's Albums

Title Artist Release Date Genre
Stone Baroness Metal
Modus Operandi Photek D&B
Study In Brown Clifford Brown, Max Roach Jazz