Grid and Tuning

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Thu, 06/20/2024 - 08:15

I've been watching random tutorials about the sampler app I love messing around with called Koala. I'm not watching the videos to learn the app but more for triggering any ideas I can use for our show on 06/30. Two things stood out to me as a drummer:


The sequencer in the app supports not locking to the grid. This is cool because you can place snare hits slightly behind or ahead of the beat. You can drastically change the vibe of the song if you rush or delay the snare hit in the right context.


It's easy to overlook tuning your kit in a drum sequencer because it's so fun to just jump into it and start beat-making. If you take the time to tune the kit to the project it is in, the results are a definite level-up.

For the guitar-only project I am working on, the drums become the bass. When I tune the kick and snare to match the dominant notes in the song, the boost to the feel and power is noticeable. Things lock together better.

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