60% Worked

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Fri, 06/21/2024 - 09:27

Did the first rehearsal last night playing drums on iPad and the Koala app. I had to not bring drumsticks to force myself to not quit on the digital drum pads and jump on the kit 2 meters away. 60% of the songs were smooth and we both knew right away they worked.

The other 40% were clearly the wrong approach. Not a defeated vibe but more of a signpost to take this song a different direction. Also, the direction to take each song was pretty clear but I wouldn't have found it if we hadn't tried the original idea out.

I'm also glad I know to not try to force a music idea to get it to work. Try it, move on if it isn't happening, save your mental energy for the next song, and go rework back in the mental workshop with the notes from the rehearsal studio.

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